Telecommunication Networks (TKN) Prof. Adam Wolisz

Head of the Telecommunication Networks (TKN) Group
Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University Berlin
for his intellectual and financial support of this work

Students of the TKN-Project:

Statistical Analysis of MP4 and H.263 Video-Streams
(summer season 00)

Ben Abda Moncef
Kroener Thomas
Kandil Mohammad
Salih Ahmed

Statistical Analysis of MP4, H.261 and H.263(+) Video-Streams II
(winter season 00/01)

Ellies Kai
Malach Miroslawa
Vetter Birgit
Tseronis Dimitri
Seeling Patrick
Athamneh Khaled
Victorin Kagoue Mougoue
Colleagues for insightful discussions, video cassettes, scripting and encouragement

Michael Savoric
Andreas Festag
Andreas Köpsel
Enno Ewers
Jean-Pierre Ebert
Rolf Morich
Stephan Rein
Georgio Ainatzes
Michael Waschke
Heinrich Hertz Institute

Dr. Ralf Schäfer
Guido Heising

Arizona State University
Arizona State University

Prof. Sethuraman Panchanathan
Jeremy Lassetter
Sampath Ratnam