Video Trace Files and Statistics: Video Traces 2

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When you use the traces, please cite:

Patrick Seeling and Martin Reisslein.Video Transport Evaluation With H.264 Video Traces. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, submitted, May 2011.


Rohan Gupta, Akshay Pulipaka, Patrick Seeling, Lina J. Karam, and Martin Reisslein. H.264 Coarse Grain Scalable (CGS) and Medium Grain Scalable (MGS) Encoded Video: A Trace Based Traffic and Quality Evaluation.PDF Version (300 kB), submitted, 2011.

For the implications of the hierarchical B frames in H.264/SVC for the timing of the video frame transmissions please refer to:

Geert Van der Auwera and Martin Reisslein. Implications of Smoothing on Statistical Multiplexing of H.264/AVC and SVC Video Streams. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 55(3):541-558, September 2009.

Configuration Parameters
Group of Pictures (GoP) Setup GxBy = Group of Picture size is x (no. frames); no. B frames in between I/P key pictures is y
Configuration file settings explained in TR above

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